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Letter to the editor: Lima Township board primary election Aug. 4

Dear Editor:

It really struck me over the weekend when someone was complaining about the Lima Township Primary and not knowing what any of the candidates stood for.  He sure wasn’t going to vote for a sign!!  He was informed that only Bob Spink (me) had responded to the questionnaire by the League of Women Voters.

Since there are substantial important differences in what various candidates stand for, it is my duty to try to tell you about them.

Craig Maier (current supervisor) is all in on building a new town hall and offices.  If this goes forward, it will be by far the biggest financial commitment the township has ever undertaken.  The cost is estimated to be at least $1.5 million dollars – a good portion of which will have to be borrowed.  We will be taking on debt in these uncertain financial times with no guarantees that township revenue will not decrease.

Craig Maier also doesn’t seem to care about the two bridges in the township that have been closed for over 10 years!  Instead of planning and working with the Road Commission to fix these bridges, he has mainly avoided the issue.  He has also not taken any steps to maintain the more than a dozen bridges in the township that cross Mill creek. 

Duane Luick (current Trustee) is running for supervisor.  His priorities are the same as mine and his son Dale’s.  He is against building a new town hall and offices for three solid reasons:

 The existing town hall is solid and with some updating can serve the township for years to come.  With the movement to absentee voting, a shrinking percent of Lima voters will be voting in person at the town hall.  Monthly meetings have only been over capacity twice in over 35 years!   SO, WE DON’T NEED A NEW TOWN HALL!!

Township offices are now rented from the Chelsea Area Construction Agency.  The rate is very reasonable.  The space is very adequate for the 12 office hours a week the office is open.  WE DON’T NEED NEW OFFICES!!

We don’t want to go into debt and we don’t want to spend this kind of money.  Look what happened to Sylvan Township when they decided to overextend themselves with a new water and sewer system years ago.  This system today is still underutilized and the residents are paying a millage to cover expenses. 

This building project isn’t even supported unanimously by the board!  The township hasn’t gone to the voters with a referendum for a thumbs up or down.  Perhaps the Board doesn’t want to risk asking the voters to approve this project!

So what’s our platform:

No new town hall; update the existing one

No new offices, keep renting from CACA

Fix the damn bridges!

Run professional board meetings with timely agendas, and member packets a week in advance.

Bob Spink

1457 S. Lima Center Rd, Chelsea

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6 thoughts on “Letter to the editor: Lima Township board primary election Aug. 4”

  1. Maybe they hope that the Wolfe Development will bring in some more $$$ on the tax rolls.

    Watching those (Wolfe Development) meetings play out was a disappointment as a Township Resident and hope that we can hear more from candidates as yourself Mr. Spink.

    Based on his vote against the Wolfe Development and a new Township Hall, I’d be interested in hearing more from Mr. Luick.

    • Yeah, the Wolfe development is a mistake. Way too many housing units- and do we really need more medical offices? Bear in mind that this property would ultimately be annexed be the city with a 425 agreement. Lima would share in tax revenue for a finate period of time and then – nothing. I don’t see any way the developer could solve the traffic nightmare that anyone can see would result.

    • I think high speed internet is a critical need. Just look at the problems not having it caused this last spring as the school district struggled to teach our children. My a Chicago suburb (aged 5-10) had semi regular school at game with daily teacher interaction and assignments. I believe it will take a little patience to get there. In the meantime, I urge everyone with no or substandard service to make sure you look at all available options. As of this year, I have att fixed wireless with a good data plan and speeds of 10-35 mbps. Others have had success with rural reach.

  2. I’m glad you wrote this letter. I HOPE IT SERVES AS A WAKE UP CALL!!! It really got the ball rolling. Over the years at the board meetings, I listened to you and others voice your concerns. Always falling on deaf ears as the majority of the board had their own agenda. That is NOT how a township board should conduct themselves. As elected officials, the board should ALWAYS remember they work for the residents. Three out of five board members should NOT have the last word on significant costly projects that could be a determent to the township. This is a democracy. I support you, Duane, and Dale to bring the dawn of a new era that has been sorely needed for far too long.

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