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Letter to the Editor: McCoig’s Sand and Gravel Mine Proposal Not Dead Yet

Photo by Alan Scafuri.
Photo by Alan Scafuri.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Andrea Kline for this letter to the editor.)

Recent developments have led many to believe that the proposed sand and gravel mine in Lyndon Township is no longer a threat to our community, but nothing could be further from the truth.

While McCoig has currently withdrawn its MDEQ application to impact wetlands, they have not withdrawn their request for Special Use Zoning and application for a Mineral Mining Operation permit from Lyndon Township.

The township and McCoig have agreed to table the request for six months to give the Planning Commission time to review the proposal; however, the township has not granted any additional time for the public to comment on the project.

The deadline for the public to comment on the proposal remains July 28.

McCoig’s latest response to the comments received at the May 19 public hearing (now available at reveal that they do not intend to alter their plans in any way in response to public concerns.

To the contrary, McCoig’s experts continue to make the following claims:

  • The proposed mine “minimizes impacts to adjacent recreation and public parkland”and “presents minimal impacts to park users”
  • The mine is “expected to have no adverse impact to the Park Lyndon fen” or residential wells in the area
  • The noise generated by gravel trains would be less than that of a vacuum cleaner or flushing toilet; and,
  • Truck traffic generated by the mining operation would have a “negligible impact on the operations and safety of M-52” because it will “only add one haul truck approximately every 4-5 minutes to M-52 volumes”.


Clearly, these are not the views of someone with the best interests of our community in mind.

McCoig continues to deny that the very serious consequences identified during public comment period are very likely to occur. They continue to deny that there would be very serious consequences to our parklands, to our home values, to the economic vitality of our downtown and to our quality of life. But they have yet to provide any credible evidence otherwise.

Don’t let recent developments lull you into believing that McCoig is going to go away.

Make sure to submit your comments and concerns to the Lyndon Township Planning Commission no later than July 28.

Take time to attend the Planning Commission meetings on the second Thursday of each month to let them know that we believe they have the evidence to demonstrate that very serious consequences to our community are very likely to occur if the proposed mine were to be approved and that McCoig has failed to provide credible evidence otherwise.

Let them know that we expect them to Deny the Mine.

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1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: McCoig’s Sand and Gravel Mine Proposal Not Dead Yet”

  1. Seriously, they are comparing a gravel train to a vacuum cleaner? I can’t imagine any vacuum cleaner that makes as much noise as a gravel train! How can they make a statement like that and keep a straight face?

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