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Letter to the Editor: Opinions versus Facts

Dear Editor:

Ms. Higgins’ letter highlighting the choice of words used by Mr. Sawicki in his letter to the editor are understandable.

There is more than one answer to her two main questions.

People took to the streets to protest George Floyd’s murder with righteous indignation at the issue of racism that has existed for hundreds of years in American society.

Protest to bring change is valid.

Teaching young people not to follow the legal process for marching on main street is not what I would see as a way to having needed change occur.

In fact, refusing to follow the law in order to protest isn’t an action to engender open dialogue, but rather a misguided approach which clouds what the issues are.

The claim that all white people are racist and support systematic racism is not an invitation to bring people together. It is simply throwing thoughts out there and seeing what sticks to induce guilt and have others take responsibility for actions that are not theirs.

We should have been able to discuss the issues that divide this city, but I fear we have gone past that point for neither side of this divided city is standing on guiltless ground.

One is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

Until the public is presented with a chronological detailed summary of what happened that led us to where we are division will continue.

One World One Family believes what they believe. Some quite valid. Some inaccurate and or unprovable. Labeling all white people as racist is a myopic uninformed view of the world, of history and not an honest invitation to dialogue or discussion.

It is an attempt to have you think as they do and if you don’t, you’re automatically judged guilty.

I see little difference in that view when compared with what Ms. Higgins points out as offensive or traits of someone incapable of leading or governing.

One simple question: Why is it appropriate to encourage young protestors not to obtain a permit to march? To encourage them to ignore the law because they are a “collective” is a questionable lesson if you wish to achieve meaningful long overdo change.

Until we can agree on what is fact or fantasy we’re doomed.

Neither side in this downhill slide of community is totally correct.

Living in a world where people can’t even agree on the science of the pandemic and what common good means tells me there is a lot of work to be done.

It would help if honesty was the main currency, but it isn’t and until it is division will continue. No one has all the answers, and it is hard to listen repeatedly to a group who thinks they do based upon a misshapen view of history.

Yes, Ms. Higgins your summation of how difficult it is to govern is sensible and that language can either push us apart or help bring us together is accurate.

Mr. Sawicik could have chosen a bit less aggressive tone in language yet there is much truth in that letter. I’ve not heard criticism of One World One Family’s outrageous claims.

It is a long way to the election.

My fear is leadership that believes in “thought control” gains control of city government and under their “leadership” they will continue to teach one only has to obey the laws they feel like.

Is that what this city wants?

Michael D. McIntosh

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