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Letter to the Editor: Support of Police Department Policy Review

To the editor:
I applaud our City Council for its use of tax dollars to request a review of our police department policies.

Evaluating any department of any city is not punitive – it is good government. Organizations with integrity are always trying to improve and ask “How can we better serve our community?”

Periodic reviewing of policies and best practices is essential to responsible leadership. In fact, the City Council just had a presentation on a review of its financial policies, so it knows the importance of an outside review. The police department review, completed by a group of current and former police chiefs and law enforcement officers(!), found multiple areas to suggest improvement.

Rather than shy away, this is a real opportunity for our town and the Chelsea Police Dept to update and modernize its practices and policies to reflect good community policing. We all want a good police force. There is nothing to be afraid of.

I fully support Jane Pacheco to be the mayor that will to carry us forward with transparency and integrity.

Mary Waldron
23-year resident of Chelsea

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