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Letter to the editor: Non-partisan portion of the ballot

I’m sure there will be many letters supporting excellent candidates like Kent Martinez-Kratz for County Commissioner and Gretchen Driskell for Representative in the 52nd District Michigan House district, and calling out the campaigns of misinformation and lies being waged by big-money supporters of Republican candidates at both the Federal and State levels.

With that in mind, I’ll focus on the non-partisan portion of the ballot, which many voters are less familiar with or overlook completely. It includes elections for judgeships and ballot proposals.

Carol Kuhnke is my choice to replace retiring Judge Melinda Morris for the open position on the 22nd Circuit Court. Kuhnke has the experience, judicial temperament and values that will make her an excellent judge.

There are two full-term positions on the ballot for the Michigan Supreme Court. My choices for these are Bridget Mary McCormack and Connie Marie Kelley. McCormack has run an energetic and visible campaign Michigan-wide.  But beware of attempts to turn voters against her. McCormack’s success at campaigning has attracted last minute, outside money aimed at damaging her reputation.

There is one partial term position on the ballot for the Michigan Supreme Court. My choice is Shelia Johnson. She shares the strong qualifications and concern for justice and for Michigan’s children, seniors and families found in McCormack and Kelley.

Finally, I encourage all voters to do their homework on the ballot proposals. Big money from the owners of the Ambassador Bridge has poured into spreading misinformation aimed at convincing people to vote for proposals 5 and 6. Both would help them preserve their monopoly.

Voters can find a non-partisan analysis of the 6 ballot proposals by Citizens Research Council of Michigan at:

I know there will be people who don’t agree with my choices, but the most important thing is for us to exercise our right to vote. However inconvenient it may be for us here to get to the polls, it’s nothing compared with what voters in the wake of Superstorm Sandy will be facing.

Bernadette Malinoski

Lima Township

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