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Letter to the Editor: Thank you to outgoing Sylvan Township Board

I’d like to take a moment to thank the outgoing Sylvan Township Board, Bob Lange, LuAnn Koch, Arlene Grau and Reuben Lesser for their service to our community.

Much has been written lately about their performance in office, a lot of it by folks who only recently started attending board meetings.

It is important to note that Bob Lange always lead the township meetings as a gentleman with grace and patience. Publicly, Mr. Lange recognized and thanked others for their efforts in regard to township business and activities.

Even when meetings became negative with personal attacks to the board, Mr. Lange thanked the public for their feedback. Supervisor Lange and the board honored the democratic process and endured the often mob-like rhetoric of several attendees at the public meetings.

How quickly, I wonder, will the newly elected board struggle with decisions that will impact the entire township, lose sleep over decisions, face public criticism from folks who come with personal agendas?

How will they respond when a know it all stands before them with a handful of papers, trying to impress who knows who?

And, heaven forbid, if they fail to meet the expectations of a Johnny come lately group, how will they respond to threats of recall? Will they do it as gracefully as the outgoing board has done? I hope they follow Mr. Lange’s example and allow everyone the right to freedom of speech.

Do not mistake the intent of this letter. I sincerely wish the incoming board success as they undertake the difficult role of public office. At the same time, let’s not forget the hard work and years of dedication of Bob, LuAnn, Arlene and Reuben. They are good people; they walked the walk. They deserve to be recognized for the many things they did well, as described in previously published letters.


Dawn Caplis

Sylvan Township Resident

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1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: Thank you to outgoing Sylvan Township Board”

  1. I want to thank Dawn for the kind letter to the editor. As a member of the new Sylvan Township board, I can say with assurance that we will in fact struggle with decisions, lose sleep, and face criticism, like any board. I only hope we can face those things with the grace and dignity that the outgoing board did. We appreciate the ground they laid and the hard work and service they put in over the many years.

    We appreciate the wishes for success, and we plan to focus on doing what’s best for the people of Sylvan.

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