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Letter to the Editor: The Price We All Pay For Radical Activism

Dear Editor:

Is there anyone who hasn’t noticed the increase in incivility in Chelsea?

School board meetings are now battle grounds. Unregulated Black Lives Matter marches block Main Street with the full support of some city leaders. Our city council has spent tens of thousands of tax dollars to investigate the police for trying to maintain order. Media outlets like NPR and The Michigan Daily are churning out articles branding Chelsea as a racist community.

What changed?

A small but vocal movement has sprung up in our community with one objective: They want to force us to accept their beliefs. They will attack anyone who questions their assertion that we are all systemically racist. They march under the banners of Chelsea One World One Family and Black Lives Matter. Their objective is to infiltrate all of our institutions.

One World One Family already has members of their board on our city council and school board. Their objective is to attack our police for enforcing the law and defend the unlawful behavior of their followers. They want to introduce Critical Race Theory into our schools. They claim to be inclusive.

Is everyone feeling included?

This November will be a referendum on whether we want to continue a march toward division and incivility or return to the cohesive community we enjoyed before the radical movement began to spread its destructive ideology.

Find out who’s who and vote your best interests.

Phil Sawicki
Candidate for Chelsea City Council

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