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Letter to the editor: vote yes for Chelsea School District bond

Dear Editor:

We are writing today to express our support for the Chelsea School District 2019 Bond, and to encourage our fellow community members to vote yes on Tuesday November 5.

This bond provides vital financial resources for our schools including investments in technology, transportation, and infrastructure improvements needed for effective instruction and learning for today’s students in a modern classroom. It does not increase our property taxes, but instead sustains our commitment to our students and educators through the current school debt millage levels paid throughout the district.

Whether you have children in the school district or not, we all enjoy the benefits of continued investment in the quality of our schools.  This is realized with the direct financial benefit of increased property values for homeowners in communities with high performing schools like Chelsea. 

It is realized by the enhanced ability of Chelsea area businesses to attract, hire and retain quality employees to live and work in our community because they know their children will have access to high quality education.  And the proposed bond has been structured to provide the capital needed at our current level of collective investment in our schools and for our community.

This is our opportunity to ensure we provide the school district with the resources it needs to provide a safe and effective learning environment for students. If we, as a community, choose not to continue to support our schools with this bond, there will be negative impacts. Those negative impacts will be felt first by students and staff, but in the long-term, by all of us.

A strong school district is a sign of a strong community. Chelsea has always been a strong community, and we should continue to invest in our schools to ensure it remains that way for generations to come.

Please show your support by voting yes on Tuesday, November 5th.


Dr. and Mrs. Thomas and Reiley Curran
Lima Township

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