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Letter to the Editor: Wish City Would Continue Monthly Garden Weed Pick Ups

Dear Editor:

I have lived in my home on 238 Harrison for 16 years. I have gardens that enhance my neighborhood and the streetscape of the city. People often comment on the beauty of my yard.

Because I live in “old” Chelsea, I have a small yard with no room for a compost pile. For 16 years, I’ve been able to bag garden weeds and have them picked up by the city once a month. 

The city website states: “Do not include grass clippings, weeds, plants, yard rakings, sod or dirt…Public Act 264 of 1990..”

The former city practice of picking up bagged weeds has changed. Now I have to load the bags in my car, take them out to Werkner, open the bags and dump them onto the large pile there.

I’m 81 years old and have compromised mobility, so I will have to hire this done.

I miss this city service previously available to me.

I’m sure there are others within the city who feel the same.

Jan Bernath

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