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Lima Township and Road Commission discuss possible road projects

Lima Township Offices.

Following a meeting of officials from the Lima Township Board and the Washtenaw County Road Commission, further discussions are planned regarding the possible resurfacing of Fletcher Road from Old US-12 north to Trinkle Road.

This portion is a major cut-through road in the township for not only cars but also heavier farm vehicles.

The proposal includes adding about 6 inches of gravel to the road at a cost of about $44,000 said Township Supervisor Craig Maier.

“We are working with the Road Commission as is financially feasible to improve the quality of the township road system,” he said.

Road Commission Board Chairman Doug Fuller said Tuesday that “it’s encouraging and ever so pleasant to work with the Lima Township Board that shows an interest in the township’s infrastructure.”

Also under consideration is a plan to develop engineering estimates to replace a culvert on McKinley Road near the border of Lima, Sylvan and Dexter townships, with a possible project date of 2014 or 2015, Maier said.

He hopes that the surrounding townships will consider a collaborative funding agreement to pay for the culvert, which is under a road that’s frequently used by school buses to service the Chelsea School District, as well as residents from all three townships.

Maier said working with the Road Commission has been “an enjoyable and professional experience and that Jim Harmon, director of operations, has been “wonderful in assisting the township with information and answering questions.”

Lima Township is still paying off the last $18,000 it owes the Road Commission for the replacement of bridges on Lima Center and Dancer Roads.

There are still two closed bridges in the township – Klinger Road and Liberty Road.

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1 thought on “Lima Township and Road Commission discuss possible road projects”

  1. I am writing to ask if there are any plans to pave Wylie Rd which has become a major
    thoroughfare for large trucks, farm equipment and cars wanting to avoid the one lane
    bridge through Dexter. Just last month a speeding SUV rolled and burned in front of
    my house. Wylie had just been graded. Vehicles speed all the time and in my two and
    a half years here there have been three accidents. Please pave this road or at the
    very least, make it a 25 mph zone.

    Best regards,
    Beth Balogh

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