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Lyndon Board Seeks Residents for Technology Advisory Committee, Board of Review

The Lyndon Township Board of Trustees unanimously approved a new technology advisory committee to assist township officials in redesigning its website.

At the Township Board’s Tuesday Jan.12 board meeting, Gary Munce, deputy supervisor and township webmaster, was unanimously appointed as the chairman of the new committee. He gave an overview of his credentials, which include 25 years of experience in information technology.

The township is seeking interested township residents who are willing to work with Munce and a member of the Township Board to help redesign a new website that’s both user-friendly for residents and for staff.

The township is seeking two residents who regularly use the website, have an interest in serving the community and/or have IT experience to help take on this task.

The website redesign is part of the township’s goal to revamp its overall information technology needs.

For more information or to apply for this committee, residents are asked to email township office manager Janet Gilkey with a letter of interest to [email protected].

The Township Board approved several budget amendments to assist in this process, including $6,000 to develop a new website and an additional $4,000 for computer equipment and associated needs for township hall staff for a total line item budget of $12,000. 

The township board is also seeking a resident to serve as an alternate to its Board of Review. The Lyndon Township Board of Review is a three-member board supported by the Township Assessor that hears and determines appeals of property assessments that take place during sessions in March. There are also additional sessions in July and December to correct errors in assessments.

Residents can formally protest in writing to the BOR and that submission process is established annually by Township Board and this form and information can be found on the Township’s Website.  

(The Washtenaw County Treasurer has published a brief guide outlining this process as well.) 

John Mykala, TJ Spencer and Bart Hammer were unanimously reappointed by the Township Board to this committee for a 2-year term that runs through Dec. 31, 2022.

An alternate member is needed in case of an illness to one of the three regular board members.

If you have more questions about this board, have experience in property assessments and would like to apply for this position, send a letter of interest to Gilkey at [email protected].

Among the other action items, the Township Board adopted BOR poverty/hardship guidelines, which will be published on the website soon.

Kristina Martin was unanimously approved as the alternate to the Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority for a term ending Dec. 31, 2021.

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