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Lyndon Township Board Approves Two Zoning Text Amendments

The Lyndon Township Board of Trustees unanimously approved two zoning text amendments – one for wind generation systems and one for temporary and seasonal uses and events – at its Zoom meeting on Tuesday April 13.

The elected officials’ approval follows two public hearings and further revisions by the Lyndon Township Planning Commission.

The Zoning Text Amendments allow for small-scale wind energy conversion systems as permitted accessory uses in the wilderness and recreation district, rural residential, medium density, lake residential, lake conservation district and light industrial districts in the township and allow for large-scale wind energy conversion systems in the light industrial district as a special use.

A number of regulations were approved for the use of both small-scale systems that include stipulations for specific set backs, height allowances, blade clearances, color, safety, lighting, noise and shadow flickers, as well as adherence to national codes.

Additional regulations were included for the larger ones, including an annual maintenance review, removal guidelines, threatened and endangered species protections and public inquiries and complaints.

If a resident can’t meet the restrictions in the proposed text amendments for a small-scale turbine, then an application for a special use can be submitted to the township and would be reviewed by the Planning Commission.  

The second text amendment involved special events and temporary uses. It added three new definitions to differentiate between small temporary events and large temporary events as well as set a specific number that are allowed during a 1-year period.

A large temporary gathering event allows for 76 or more people in attendance at the same time throughout the event for not more than 2 days with a maximum of two allowed per year.

A small temporary gathering allows for more than 50 people but no more than 75 people in attendance at the same time throughout the event for not more than 2 days with 12 events allowed per year.

The township board received positive news from the firm of Pfeffer, Hanniford and Pelka regarding its annual FY audit that ended June 30, 2020.

Pat Hanniford told the board that the township’s books received a “unqualified” or clean opinion. He said the township’s five funds were in good shape and in the opinion of the team performing the audit, the township received a “good financial opinion.”

In other business, the township received a letter from a resident asking for assistance in mitigating bright lights that were emulating from the North Lake Store at the corner of Stofer Road and North Territorial. Zoning Officer Scott Pacheco said he’d spoken to the owner of the establishment and he was amenable to putting shields on the lights. Supervisor Pam Byrnes said she would follow up with the resident as well.

Following a discussion about the location of the next board meeting, the elected officials chose to meet in May via Zoom due to the spike in COVID-19 cases currently taking place. The meeting type – either in person or via Zoom – will be made on a month-by-month basis.

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