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May 2: Zou Zou’s Café invites you to fun 21st anniversary celebration

Courtesy photo. Inside Zou Zou’s Cafe that will host a 21st anniversary celebration on May 2.

Marie-Ann Fody and her family invite you to celebrate Zou Zou’s Café’s 21st Anniversary at the corner of Middle and Main. Festivities begin at 4 p.m.  In true French style, guests will enjoy champagne, cake, lemonade, and music by Zou Zou’s own Jake Riley and Ryan Teachout duo. It’s all happening @ the Zou.

Zou Zou’s Café was named after a friend of Fody’s mom, her pictures grace the café walls where you will also see photographs of Fody’s grandfather and his racing buddy.

Her grandfather was a tailor by trade, but his passion was cycling and many of his bikes currently reside at the Fody’s home in France.  “How serendipitous that Zou Zou’s quickly became a midway stop for rest and refreshments for the many cyclist that ride the beautiful roads of Washtenaw County? He would love that,” said Fody.

Zou Zou’s offers craft beer and wine, menus for breakfast, lunch dinner and everything in between. The new small plate offerings create a true European café experience. It is a family environment, parents enjoy a glass of wine or beer and conversation while kids have ice cream, play a video game or join in the conversation.

“I love when the dining room is filled with conversations, friends getting together.  This was what Zou Zou’s was meant to be,” she said.

In addition, Zou Zou’s has live music Wednesday through Saturday. Visit for the full schedule of upcoming musicians.

“The Café would not have been possible without the support and dedication of my family, friends, staff and those customers who stop in once in while and those who make it a regular place to be. We were relative new comers in 1998 and I am so happy to see that Zou Zou’s has become such an important part of the community that is Chelsea,” she said.

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