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May 5: local author Angela Berent book launch party at Serendipity Books

Courtesy photo. Angela Berent and her new book “Trace your Travels: An Adventure Journal.”

Local author Angela Berent will release her second journal, ​“Trace Your Travels:  An Adventure Journal” at Serendipity Books during a book launch on Sunday, May 5, from 1-3 p.m.

An easy way to remember your travel memories, ​Trace Your Travels, is organized to help you walk through all the vacations of your life.

Questions guide you through various aspects of travel – things that went well as well as the foibles that create the unexpected parts of your adventures. From your most beautiful road trips to noteworthy tours to your most fabulous meals to even your childhood vacations, you will gather your travel memories.

“Writing doesn’t have to be long to be important,” says Berent.  She always wanted to write her stories, but she just couldn’t find the time.

As a mom of twin boys, she realized that she was writing lists all the time, so she began applying quick writing to her memories, too, and it worked. In ​Trace Your Travels, you will read Berent’s list of three for each topic, and there is a space to write your own list beside hers.

Trace Your Travels is arranged in the same format as her first journal, ​List Your Life: A Modern-Day Memoir. Readers will find the familiar and beautiful artistry of Chelsea graphic designer Lisa Michele Carpenter in each book. 

Serendipity Books will be hosting the author for an open house, with a brief presentation at 1:30.

Trace Your Travels:  An Adventure Journal is available at a number of shops around Michigan, including Serendipity Books and The Potting Shed.

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