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Meet Jane Kelly, a vendor at the Wednesday Bushel Basket Farmers Market

Kelly-Farms-maple-syrupBy Elizabeth Richardson

Nothing is sweeter than the taste of maple syrup from local Michigan trees.

Jane and John Kelly started over 10 years ago what they thought would be just a little hobby tapping sugar maple trees and making syrup.

They had the trees, learned how to do it and began by making syrup just for their family and very close friends.

Then, about 6 years ago, the Kelly’s were urged to start increasing their product and expand their sales to local farmers markets. They sell their product both at the Wednesday Bushel Basket Farmers Market and on Saturday’s at the Dexter Farmers Market.

They extended into their close friend’s woods and along with their 8 acres, the couple began producing enough maple syrup to not only accommodate family and friends but also enough to sell at farmers markets.

They use about 320 taps, no more than three per tree because they don’t want to stress the trees.

John Kelly says, “One gallon of syrup takes about 40-50 gallons of sap.”

Jane Kelly will tell you, “You know, maple syrup isn’t just for pancakes” she smiles with a twinkle in her eye and suggests perhaps you might like it over ice cream, too.

You can also try it on pancakes, breakfast casseroles, fruit crepes, in cakes and on ice cream.

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