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Meet your new Chelsea Area Fire Authority lieutenants

Scott Basar, Colt White and Lance Baird, CAFA's new fire lieutenants.

There are three new yellow helmets in the Chelsea Area Fire Authority fire house.

Lance Baird, Scott Basar, and Colt White recently traded in their black firefighter helmets for yellow lieutenant ones after taking the test and going through interviews for the position this summer.

All three live in Chelsea and agree that there aren’t many other jobs they’d like to do more than serve the community as firefighters.

“There’s no other job like it,” said Baird who has been a firefighter since 2003.

All three said they decided to take the next step in their careers when the positions were advertised. Five firefighters took the test on July 27 for the three open positions and were selected for the new jobs on Aug. 6.

“This was the best way to give back to the community,” White said of his decision to become a firefighter five years ago.

All of them said that their families are proud of their decisions to join the firefighting ranks — even though they are the first in their families to choose this profession.

“Our families are happy we’ve found something that we like doing,” Baird said.

“There is no other job on Earth that I’d rather have,” Basar said.

With the bump up the firefighter ladder, the three said there’s a little more money involved, and they now oversee the daily activities in the fire house on their shifts, following a plan set forth by the fire captains on duty.

Each shift has four firefighters and the house is manned 24/7.

Plus, every four months, the shifts rotate so all the guys have a chance to work closely with all the other full-time firefighters and captains.

The hardest part of their new jobs? Being friends with their fellow firefighters and also delegating tasks to them. “Going from friend to boss, that’s though,” they said.

New sign on the renovated Chelsea fire station.
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