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North Creek Elementary students work together

Courtesy photo. Students from two grade levels at North Creek Elementary work together to creatively build a snowman.
Courtesy photo. Students begin building a snowman together.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Kimberly Gillow for the information and photos in this story.)

Most of the classrooms at North Creek Elementary School have a buddy classroom, which is a classroom from another grade level.

Mrs. Rehmann’s kindergarten class and Mrs. Hay’s first grade class recently enjoyed time together.

Students worked on the 4 C’s with a buddy classroom.

They communicated a plan, collaborated by working with a partner to build the tallest snowman. Students used critical thinking skills to think long and hard about how to make this challenge work and used creativity to make a creative snowman.

These are all skills that we practice at North Creek as part of the Chelsea School District Portrait of a Graduate.

Courtesy photo. Thinking carefully about the best way to build a snowman with the materials given to them.
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