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Oct. 25: WAVE Offering Free Rides; Share Your Thoughts

Engage with WAVE - Bus Service after 45 Years!

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Julia Roberts for the information in this story.)

On Monday, Oct. 25, WAVE is offering free rides to everyone on all of our the bus services, courtesy of Feonix Mobility Rising, as a thank you in celebration of 45 years of service with our communities.

On Tuesday, Oct. 25 – Saturday, Oct. 30, WAVE is inviting people to share their thoughts on what the future of transit could look like here as we continue to provide transportation options.

There will be a virtual Zoom event on Wednesday, Oct. 27 and WAVE will be at your nearby seasonal Farmers Markets during the rest of the week.

10/25 Monday @ WAVE buses – free rides all day. Call 734-475-9494 to book a ride

10/26 Tuesday @ Dexter Farmers Market (3233 Alpine) 2:00–6:00 pm

10/27 Wednesday @ ID: 854 3114 4170 (or call 301.715.8592) 4:00–6:00 pm

10/28 Thursday @ Manchester Acorn Farmers Market (455 W. Main St.)  3:00–6:00 pm

10/29 Friday @ Stockbridge Open Air Market (125 S. Clinton St.)  4:00–6:30 pm

10/30 Saturday @ Chelsea Farmers Market (222 S. Main St.)  8 am–1:00 pm

During the last 45 years, WAVE has played a vital part in providing bus access and accessibility, including for older adults and people with disabilities.

As we move forward, WAVE aims to be the preferred transportation option for all in our communities, ensuring our community needs are met socially, environmentally, and economically. Public transportation is important in making our area equitable, our environment fresh, connecting people to jobs, recreation, and health care, while supporting local businesses.

Please tell us your thoughts and encourage folks you know to do the same because you all matter for where we go moving forward.


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