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Our Savior Lutheran Church hosts its 14th Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt

Pails filled with Easter eggs on the lawn behind Our Savior Lutheran Church.
There were lots of pretty eggs to be found on the lawn behind Our Savior Lutheran Church during the c14th Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt.
Look what I found.
Look what I found.

Yesterday, April 19, Our Savior Lutheran Church was filled with youngsters and their family and friends anxiously awaiting the church’s 14th annual community Easter Egg Hunt.

But first, there was a wonderful puppet show, put on by the younger church members, which drew all the participants inside the church not just for a talk of eggs and bunnies and chocolate and hot cross buns but as a reminder of why Easter is celebrated.

Many Christians think of Easter as a wonderful day of celebration and joy because it’s considered the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead following his crucifixion.

Rev. Dale Grimm said before everyone went inside that the annual event averages between 60-80 kids but each year is a little different because of the date chosen for the event.

A scene from the inside Easter egg hunt.
A scene from the inside Easter egg hunt.

The church’s 7th and 8th grade youth group spent more than three hours filling the colorful eggs with all kinds of candy, he said, adding that there were thousands scattered both inside the church for the youngest children and outside on the grass for the older groups of children.

“There were 20 people here at 8 a.m. to get everything set up,” he said, adding the the bales of straw that were placed on the lawn behind the church were broken in by farmer Dave Rulig.

“This couldn’t be done without the help of a lot of people,” he said.

Everyone was asked to open the eggs and place the candy found inside in their baskets or bags and participants were asked to close the eggs back together and place them in boxes that were placed outside so the eggs could be used again next year.

Plus, there were two camouflage eggs placed in each age group’s hunting area and those lucky enough to spot and pick-up those eggs were given a special surprise … a Bible book.

Please enjoy the photo gallery below from the event.


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