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Pi Day at Beach Middle School ends with pies in the face

Principal Nick Angel, Hannah Greenstein, Caitlin Dusenbury and Mike Lott.
Principal Nick Angel, Hannah Greenstein, Caitlin Dusenbury and Mike Lott.

Pi(Publisher’s note: There is a correction in the total number of digits memorized by the 7th-grade contestants.)

Math has made a lasting connection between two delightful young ladies at Beach Middle School.

Caitlin Dusenbury and Hannah Greenstein, both 6th graders, decided to enter a school-sponsored fun contest in honor of Pi Day on March 14 in which they tried to memorize as many digits in Pi as they could.

The two friends said they spent the last 10 days working toward the goal — working their memorization in groups of four digits at a time.

“We became closer thru Pi,” Hannah said of her friendship with Caitlin.

In fact, both young ladies memorized more than 100 digits and Caitlin set a school record when she recited 108 of them. Her friend, Hannah was only a few digits behind at 104.

“It was fun,” Hannah said, adding, “It was worth it,” especially after she was able to “pie” her principal Nick Angel.

For Caitlin, it was a chance to pie her math teacher Mike Lott.

“It’s fun; it’s cross-curricular and it’s a cool math idea and we can make it fun for each class,” Lott said, adding “All the kids came together to have a fun day around March 14, Pi Day.”

“When they have fun, we have fun,” he said.

Both girls were able to relish their accomplishments in front of about 90 of their classmates and both agreed, it was one of the most fun things they’ve done in 6th grade.

Before the pieing.
Before the pieing.

Students who chose to be part of the contest spent the last few weeks memorizing as many Pi digits as they could in anticipation of March 14, Pi Day.

And, here are the 6th-grade winners from teacher Amy Doma, who made the announcement to the whole 6th-grade class on Thursday afternoon.

Payton Doan: 18 digits

Remy Sturt: 25 digits

Mason Pietryga-Fecker: 33 digits

Sara Rohlman: 36 digits

Alex Berry: 41 digits

Drew Lewis: 76 digits

Hannah Greenstein: 104 digits

Caitlin Dusenbury: 108 digits (a school record)

After the pieing.
After the pieing.

“We had an amazing Pi day today,” Doma told parents in an email, thanking the donors who contributed more than 39 pies and other supplies.

“We could not have done this without you,” said she in an email.

Students spent the day learning about the history of pies in different cultures, pie trivia, pie poems and measured pi said teacher Sarah Bunten.

Students in 7th-grade also took part in the Pi Day festivities. Phoebe Kahler memorized 102 digits and got to “pie” teacher Dennis Strzyzewski and Josie Surel memorized  93 digits and was able to “pie” teacher Rahn Rosentreter.

Caitlin Dusenbury and Hannah Greenstein the winners of the Pi contest.
Caitlin Dusenbury and Hannah Greenstein the 6th-grade winners of the Pi contest.
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  1. Just wanted to make a quick correction. Phoebe Kahler had 102 and Josie Surel had 93. Congratulations to all of the students.

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