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12 thoughts on “Pierce Park rock gallery”

  1. Heather – from the artwork on the rock from a couple days ago regarding whether Humpty Dumpty was really an egg, I would say the “Sing”/Bird rock was painted by the same artist.

  2. Heather – I know who painted the Sing rock! That was one of my favorites, too. I’m sure she has a photo of it, so I’ll be sure to have her contact you.

    One of my other favorites over the years was when the rock was painted completely gray, and someone had written “Now I’m just a rock again.”

    • Yes, Julia, anyone can paint the rock. And, please feel free to send me a photo of the finished product if you and your kids decide to make a project of it. The rock is a fun message board for the community.

    • I wouldn’t venture a guess, but perhaps readers might like to take a shot at it.

  3. Who are the lady and child in front of what looks like the beginning of the ‘rock’? When was that taken and what is the history of how we inherited it. It’s lovely, brightens a day even when it’s raining, snowing, sleeting….we always have…’the rock’.

  4. The rock used to be on the old, old high school property on East and Harrison Streets. The last class at that school I am told was the class of 1959. Both of my parents, Nancy and Clarence Wood went to school when it was on Harrison. I used to joke, that the rock was probably a pebble before people started painting on it.

  5. This is fantastic!! I don’t live in Chelsea anymore, but I always check the rock when I come home. It’s so great that I can see the rock wherever I am!

    We used to paint the rock all the time – my parents painted it when I came back from Japan (but they put all our names on it so it wouldn’t get painted over). We painted it for my grandma’s birthday, and I think when she moved to Chelsea. We painted it for my sister’s birthday a couple times, but her birthday is in September, so it always got painted over for the football game. If we send you the pictures, can they be added to the archives?

  6. I would absolutely love to paint the rock I’ve lived here for 10 years I so enjoy the rock and would love to do it for my grandsons 5th birthday I can just go there and paint it correct

    • Yes. It’s a public art space, so to speak. I will warn you though, it does get repainted a lot and sometimes more than once in a day so plan your surprise accordingly and be sure your grandson has a chance to see it. Also, take a photo and send it to me. Be glad to publish it.

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