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Please send positive thoughts to Buzz

I’m asking everyone to please send their positive thoughts to Buzz as he undergoes surgery on Tuesday.

And in addition, please be patient with me as I will be playing dog caregiver to him for the remainder of the week while he recuperates.

I will do my best to respond to your emails and get stories published on Chelsea Update, but until he’s out of the woods, so to speak, my focus will be on keeping him quiet and comfortable.

I’ve done my best to schedule as many stories as possible in advance, and Lisa Carolin and Burrill Strong will be out and about at Hometown Holidays this weekend.

Wish I could be there with them. It’s one of my favorite events during the year, and I’m bummed I will miss it, but hopefully everyone understands that Buzz’s health is more important.

Also please send understanding thoughts to Ryan so he doesn’t feel completely forgotten during Buzz’s recovery period. He’ll have most of the house at his disposal while Buzz and I will be confined to one room.

Everyone’s usual routine will be disrupted, but I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated.

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5 thoughts on “Please send positive thoughts to Buzz”

  1. Pray that Buzz does well, and take the time to be with him without guilt. You deserve the break also. 🐕

  2. I’ll be hugging a tree for you, Buzz, and Ryan (my form of prayer!) You’ve given so much to this community–you deserve time with these wonderful canine friends.

  3. All best thoughts for a swift recovery for Buzz. And that Ryan is not too distressed while his buddy is laid up. Take care of yourself as well, Lisa.

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