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Project Chelsea: ‘Art, Charity and Community’

Courtesy photo of one of the pieces of art that will be part of Project Chelsea.

By Lisa Carolin

Project Chelsea is the name of a new effort by local artists to raise money to help children who attend North Creek Elementary School and their families to pay for lunch at school.

This is how it works: From Dec. 2-12 at the Chelsea District Library, visitors will be able to view all the pieces that the artists have created. With a minimum donation of $10 per entry card, you will be able to drop your name and telephone number into a bin. At the end of the two weeks, names will be pulled, and the winners of more than a dozen pieces will be announced.

According to artist McKenna O’Brien who is helping to organize Project Chelsea, 100 percent of the funds raised will be donated to the lunch account cards to help kids get lunch through the school year.

“I have always known that there is some great talent in our community,” said O’Brien. “I thought if we can bring all of these people together with their talents, then what a force this could be and what a difference it could make.”

She calls Project Chelsea a mixture of art, charity, and community.

“I wanted to start with the youngest members of the school system and help them to know that money on the lunch card would not be an issue,” said O’Brien. “What an incredible gift for people to give to families around the holidays, feeding their children and lifting the burden.”

The artwork will include blankets, quilts, pillows, hair bows, signs and more by these artists: Janet Alford, Lindsay Cross, Jessica Donat, Kathy Gunderson, Debbie Holefka, John Houle, Nikki Houle, Tami Houle, Kerry Kargel, Lexa O’Brien, Linda O’Brien, McKenna O’Brien, Anita Spears, Rebekah Start, Stephanie Wolff, and Bev Yelsik.

Stop into the Chelsea District Library between Dec. 2-12 and look for the Project Chelsea sign to learn more.

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  1. This is incredible! What a beautiful and generous idea! Makes me proud to be a part of this community! Thank you to all of these incredible artists!

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