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Publisher’s column: I can’t thank everyone enough

Even during these virus-y times, the community and businesses continue to support my efforts allowing for the continuation of the 7-day-a-week publication of your Chelsea Update.

This little online news site is truly a community effort, spearheaded by my hard work, but kept chugging along non-stop because of all of you, the readers who have kept the staff of Chelsea Update in your thoughts throughout the last three months of Covid-19 turmoil.

 You’ve assisted me in continuing to pay the freelance reporters and photographers who help me keep the news coming. Those folks in no particular order are reporters Crystal Hayduk and Lisa Carolin, and photographers Burrill Strong and Alan Ashley.

(Oh and Buzz and Ryan, can’t forget my full-time four-legged staff. Both of whom are happy that things have slowed down a wee bit so they can resume enjoying a little training time again outside. And because people have been asking, I have no idea when I will feel comfortable showing Buzz again. Hopefully in 2021. But I promise, there are more dog columns coming soon. Buzz and Ryan are my pets first, after all. The ribbons and accolades are just a small part of their importance in my life.)

To all of you, know that publishing Chelsea Update is both an honor and a privilege; one that I take very seriously as my full-time job. But, without you the readers, you the city and township officials, you the folks who give me a head’s up on events or news that I might not have heard about on my own — Chelsea Update would not be the news source it is today without your help. 

Your news source succeeds because of all of you. Because you care about this community as much as I do and you help me do the best job possible to publish stories about it.

I am truly grateful to you all. Thank you for taking the time to read the stories I publish and for supporting this little news source.

Please support your local businesses that are just beginning to open as well. Despite all they’ve been through, all of my advertisers have continued their ads on Chelsea Update throughout this entire pandemic.

Together, Chelsea Update has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams and in July, it will be this news site’s 9th birthday. Can you believe it?

So, yes, as much as I hate to ask … if you’d like to support Chelsea Update, you can do so in two ways — there’s a button on the top of the home page that reads donate via Paypal or you can send a non-tax deductible donation to Chelsea Update, 18829 Bush Road, Chelsea, MI 48118.

Until next time, thank you so much to the folks listed below for supporting Chelsea Update with donations during this pandemic. 

  • Elizabeth Jarratt
  • Paul Frisinger
  • Kay Henden
  • Mary Zwach
  • Margaret Goodrich
  • Elliot Hudgins
  • Dennis and Ruth Kenny
  • Sharon Castle and Chris DeWitt
  • J.E. Alford
  • Will Johnson
  • Dorothy Greer
  • Christine Mehuron
  • Ruth Musbach
  • Patricia Sweeny
  • Jenn Ridley
  • Joan and Edward Driscoll
  • Wendy Reinhardt
  • Malinda McCain
  • Morton Dunlop
  • Bob Milbrodt
  • Shirley Goodman
  • Machaele Mark
  • Anonomous
  • Sue Whitmarsh
  • Jean Vargas
  • Marcia Whites
  • Janet Ogle-Mater
  • Katherine Harris
  • John and Deanna Robbins
  • Dustin Suntheimer
  • Darwin’s Studio


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  1. Lisa, we were surprised to receive a hand written thank you note for our measly contribution and we appreciated it very much! Although we are almost literally “starving artists,” especially now, we are so grateful for the work you do that we couldn’t neglect making a small addition to your coffers. You’re a community treasure.

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