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Publisher’s column: thank you and a little time off

As summer begins its downhill slide toward fall, I remain positive that better days are ahead for everyone.

Along those lines, the last five months have been a very long, non-stop stretch for me. Since March 1, I’ve kept my nose to the grindstone and pushed through each day doing my very best to sort through all the information about this virus, trying my best to keep up with the ever-changing executive orders and all the local news.

While other folks stayed at home, completed home projects and made the best of these virus-y times, I’ve spent this time publishing the news for you. So, it’s time. I’m planning to take some time off. You’ll see new stories each day but not as many as you’ve become accustomed to reading.

As a one-person news source, I, too, need to spend some time doing things non-news related for myself and my two furry full-time staff members Ryan and Buzz. They’ve been very patient for months and they deserve some fun adventures, too.  

So, your comments might not be approved as quickly as you’d like and I probably won’t get back to you to answer your questions quite as quickly so please have patience. I’m here, but not tethered to my laptop.

Throughout these frustrating, scary, uncertain times, it still makes me smile to know that there are people, who while coping with the wide-spread ripple effects this virus has had on their own lives and the lives of their family and friends, continue to remember others and do positive things for this wonderful community.

As readers know, Chelsea Update depends on not just advertising but also non-tax deductible donations from readers to continue operations. I have listed the names of those people who have kindly remembered to lend a hand to my efforts to bring you all the news that’s fit to publish on a daily basis.

If you’d like to make a non-tax deductible donation to Chelsea Update, there are two ways to do so. You can donate through Paypal by clicking on the support button on the home page of or you can send a check in any amount made out to Chelsea Update and mailed to 18829 Bush Road, Chelsea, MI 48118.

In addition to hand-written notes, I also try to publicly thank these generous folks once a month.

So, here goes:

  • Jenn Ridley
  • Paul and Jane Shrosbree
  • Wendy and Allen Cole
  • Jana Dreyer
  • Edward and Joan Driscoll
  • Anonymous
  • Kathryn Heymann
  • Wendy Reinhardt
  • Joe Ziolkowski
  • Joan and Edward Driscoll
  • Dayle Wright
  • John Deikis
  • Scott Baird
  • Malinda McCain
  • Kathie Gourlay
  • Fred Barkley
  • Carol Strahler
  • Jana Deyer
  • Linda DeLand
  • Hank and Shirley Wuir
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  1. Hope you and Buzz and Ryan can enjoy your time–you deserve it! Thanks for all you’ve done to keep us informed and encouraged in this crazy time.

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