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Publisher’s column: upcoming local township contested candidate information

As many readers let me know, I failed badly when it came to providing candidate information prior to the August primary. And I took it on the nose for this and am trying my best to do a better job for the general election.

With that in mind and with reader’s ability to vote by mail or to drop off their ballots prior to Nov. 3, this week, Chelsea Update sent candidate surveys to all Lima and Sylvan township candidates only who are running opposed for various positions.

These surveys went out via email on Monday, Sept. 14 with a firm deadline to return the information to me by 4 p.m. on Sept. 30. Those running unopposed were not sent questionnaires.

And there was a letter in the body of the email setting a firm deadline for returning this information. There will be no exceptions. Readers and candidates need to understand that I am primarily a one-person, seven day a week news source and as such, I can only do so much.

Trying to expand this voter information to all the other races taking place in November is impossible, but you might want to consult the League of Women Voters website for additional candidate information.

I cannot control whether the candidates will choose to participate, but I wanted readers to know that I’ve done what I can to reach out to the local candidates during a time when a lot of normal door-to-door campaigning is difficult to do.

Whether all of the candidates choose to take advantage of this Chelsea Update voter information is up to them. So if you are supporting a specific candidate or candidates, please ask them if they’ve returned the questionnaire to Chelsea Update.

The stories about these races and candidates will run the week of Oct. 4 on Chelsea Update.

I’m giving everyone the head’s up so they can plan accordingly. Pre-COVID, this type of information ran much closer to election day, but I’m doing my best to make amends for my primary election mistakes.

In addition, Crystal Hayduk, who covers the Chelsea Board of Education, sent out her survey questions weeks ago to all four candidates vying for the two open seats on Nov. 3 ballot and I plan to publish this candidate information next week.

In addition, as supporters of candidates historically send letters to the editor endorsing specific candidates or issues prior to elections, I am also setting a firm deadline that no election related letters will be published after Oct. 27, which is a week before the election.

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4 thoughts on “Publisher’s column: upcoming local township contested candidate information”

  1. I hope that if candidates decline to respond, people will take that for what it is: a refusal to engage with voters, particularly in this Covid season.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. It is not an easy task to get the information about our most local elections out to the people. Your hard work is appreciated.


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