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Publisher’s message: Buzz is fine, we just took some time off from the dog shows

Photo by Burrill Strong. Buzz on a bench outside the Chelsea District Library.

How’s your (almost) summer going?

The staff and I have enjoyed a rather laid-back spring.

We did a demo at the Chelsea District Library but we only showed once in March and once this month — and got the second set of qualifying scores we need to show at the 2020 National Championships next June in Ohio.

Buzz and I need three sets of scores of 93 or better to qualify for the Nationals and we’ll compete for the last set in July — at one of our favorite venues, the Monroe County Fairgrounds at the Ann Arbor Kennel Club dog shows.  

I wanted to update you because I didn’t want people thinking that something might be wrong with Buzz. A lot of people have asked how he’s doing. He’s fine and we’re training – working to perfect a few troublesome exercises. I’m rather laser-focused on trying to get on the podium.

Ryan’s thoroughly enjoying his 12th year and his retirement from the show ring.

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    Photo by Burrill Strong. Ryan on a bench outside the Chelsea District Library.


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