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Publisher’s message: Chelsea Update during Covid-19

As publisher of, I have self-quarantined in my home since March 1.

There have been periodic trips “into the wild” for story photos or groceries and other essentials, but I have done my best to follow the rules and do everything I can to stay healthy.

As a primarily one-person, 7-day a week, local news source for the Chelsea Community, the daily publication of local (and virus) news has been my first and pretty much only priority since Covid 19 hit.

Those outside the media have no idea how much virus news arrives via email every day. I’ve tried my best to only publish the facts and important information for Chelsea Community readers.

Like so many in our community, I am deemed an “essential worker.” I am not complaining about that, nor am I in any way comparing myself to the large group of fabulous people who are on the front lines in the health care field.

Or to the first responders who keep us safe or to the city and township and county employees who are trying their best to do their jobs.

Or to those folks who have continued to deliver our food, our mail and our packages.

What I’m saying is, this has been a grueling few months for every person who is deemed “an essential worker.”

Me, included.

So please, pretty please, step back and re-think your words before you hit send on a comment or social media post. I know everyone is frustrated and feeling trapped and mentally and emotionally empty these days.

I understand there are people on both sides of the spectrum – some overworked and some worried about whether they will work again.

Everyone is worried about what the future is going to look like and whether their business will survive.

Just know there is help out there for whatever you might need to get through this. Please, don’t be afraid to ask for it.   

With so many virus-y changes, I am doing my best to adapt and adjust while still taking care of my health. And, yup, I am better at doing that some days than others.

As such, some things have fallen by the wayside.

Personal handwritten notes of thanks to the people who have continued to donate to my efforts are one of them. So, to all of you, I say thank you.

For new readers, Chelsea Update continues publication because of the support it receives from both local advertisers and from readers, who make non-tax deductible donations of any amount to support local news and my efforts to provide it daily.

You can donate through Paypal on the home page of Chelsea Update or by sending a check made out to Chelsea Update and mailing it to 18829 Bush Road, Chelsea MI 48118. Donations of any amount are very much appreciated. Publishing Chelsea Update is my full-time job and my business. I employ a small group of dedicated local reporters and photographers and businesses to keep it running.

There are two four-legged full-time staff members, my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Ryan and Buzz, who work for food and treats.

And then there are the most important freelance staff folks – Lisa Carolin, Crystal Hayduk, Burrill Strong and Alan Ashley. These are the true heart and soul of Chelsea Update and your donations help me pay them for their dedicated efforts. They help me cover meetings and events both through their reporting skills or photography skills and I’d be lost without them.

Also keeping Chelsea Update afloat are Chelsea businesses — Surelutions that keeps the site up and running and D&B Strategic Marketing that assists me with marketing and advertising.  

In the meantime, I would like to thank the following folks who recently made donations:

  • Anonymous
  • Sheri Plank
  • Jennifer Palmbos
  • Jane Shrosbree
  • Kathy Claflin
  • Barbara Brown
  • John Budinger
  • Malinda McCain
  • John and Deanna Robbins
  • Wendy Reinhardt
  • Catherine Guinan
  • David and Betty Murphy


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  1. I am very grateful for the daily Chelsea Update . Thanks to you and your staff . I have truly enjoyed your personal stories , such as the brownies and moles in your yard . I should comment more frequently . It saddens me to think that there would be negative comments!

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