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Publisher’s message: Chelsea Update is now 3 months old

A scene from last Sunday's Chelsea Area Fire Authority open house.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a little more than three months since I relaunched ChelseaUpdate. Somehow, because this venture is so much fun for me, it seems like just a few weeks ago that I closed several chapters of my journalistic life — working for other news organizations — and opened a new one working for the Chelsea Community.

And that is truly the way I look at Chelsea Update. This is your news site, and I’m working super hard keep up with all that’s going on in the community. It’s a task I certainly couldn’t do without the amazing help and contributions of so many people who keep me in the loop about upcoming events and news. Without all of you, I couldn’t craft the many stories about the people, places and things that make Chelsea such a great place to live. So thank you, everyone, for thinking of ChelseaUpdate with your information.

I took a chance on the Chelsea community by giving up a full-time job with benefits to publish ChelseaUpdate, because I believed that the idea would soar. And, has it ever.

Thanks to your help, more than a 1,000 stories, or “All the News that’s Fit to Post in Chelsea” have been published. And, for anyone who might like to see what they missed, because there are new readers each day, on the far right hand side of the site, under the fabulous sponsors’ ads, there’s an archive by month of all the previous stories.

I hope everyone has spent the last three months enjoying all the stories and photos on the site and remember, I’m always open to suggestions. All you have to do is ask.

For those who would like to support ChelseaUpdate and my efforts, please consider making a contribution of any amount to help sustain its success into the future. I hope you’ll look at a donation as you would a “subscription” to a printed publication.

It’s because of the generous contributions of readers and the support of advertisers that I’m able to spend all my time providing you with a daily dose of Chelsea news. Checks can be made out to Chelsea Update and mailed to Lisa Allmendinger, publisher, 18829 Bush Road, Chelsea, MI 48118.

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  1. We have very much enjoyed your articles since we subscribed, but we have one problem. Many of the articles don’t fit the screen and we have to move the article left and right to read everything. Is there a simple solution that has eluded us? This having to go back and forth makes reading the articles very difficult when the articles are long.

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