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Publisher’s message: our mission and a huge thank you

Providing the news about the decisions of the city’s elected and appointed governing bodies remains the most important mission of Chelsea Update’s coverage.

From the City Council to the Planning Commission to Downtown Development Authority to the Board of Education, the Parks Commission, the Chelsea Area Fire Authority, and the Human Rights Commission.

One of the reasons that Chelsea Update became and remains an ever-growing trusted news source for its readers is my unwavering standards. I try my hardest to provide fair, accurate, balanced and unbiased coverage of what’s happening in this city.

After more than 20 years covering Chelsea, I may be a newcomer to the area in some people’s eyes, but I have more institutional knowledge of this city than every member of the current City Council and almost all of its current staff. Although I may not agree with some of the decisions that are made by the elected and appointed officials, it’s my responsibility to provide readers with facts, not opinions or rumors.  

As a primarily one-person news source, I am flanked by two freelancer reporters, Lisa Carolin and Crystal Hayduk, and two freelance photographers, Burrill Strong and Alan Ashley. All of us have been a team for the last eight years. And I could not possibly do it without their help.

Seven days a week, all of us provide all the news and photos that are fit to post about Chelsea — certainly not for the money, but rather as a give back to this community. We all believe in a free press to provide folks with accurate news. Although I pay them all for their efforts, they do it for considerably less than they are worth because they want to be a part of something trusted and respected in the community.

Your donations will assist in helping me to continue to pay them and keep ChelseaUpdate going as your source of local news and my sole source of income.

Along with this community and the businesses and organizations that support Chelsea Update, folks in the community support my efforts to be as positive and accurate as possible during a time when so much of this country is looking for the negative while being divided by political or ideological differences.

And it’s working … more and more readers are discovering Chelsea Update and for that I am thankful. Our stories appear on Facebook and Twitter feeds as the answer to many folk’s questions about what’s going on in Chelsea.

And yes, when I see them, I have to admit, I sometimes gulp a bit and I try not to read the comments because that’s where things tend to jump off the rails. But, I can’t control that content. I do control every comment that appears on the actual stories on Chelsea Update. I also control every word that appears on the news site and readers know they can search out the truth on Chelsea Update.

Readers turn to us to look into something they’ve heard and provide them with the news without personal opinions or agendas. They don’t have to go out in the cold or snow or rain to attend meetings because we’re there for them.

Covering the news in this community makes me smile. And it reminds me (almost every day) that I made the right decision when I quit a full-time job with benefits with then-, to start I believed I could do a better job of covering Chelsea on my own and the community would support me.

So far, so good.

And all of you are a part of helping me live this dream each and every day.  

I have no words for the pride I feel for this community and what a privilege it is to provide everyone and every group in Chelsea with a voice to tell their stories, to get the answers they are seeking, and to help them celebrate the pride they feel for the community in which they’ve chosen to live.

Chelsea truly is a very special place and I am so lucky to be a voice that keeps everyone connected.

Thank you so much for that opportunity.

Below, in no particular order, are the folks who heeded my recent call for donations. I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for your generosity. (If your thank you note hasn’t arrived yet, it will very soon. Hand-written notes take time.)

And, while you are making out your Christmas cards, consider adding Chelsea Update to the list but remember that they are not tax-deductible. Donations are always welcome in any amount and can be made through Paypal on the donation button on the home page or by mailing a check made out to Chelsea Update in any amount to 18829 Bush Road, Chelsea, MI 48118.

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  • John Budinger
  • Linda Detterman
  • Anonymous
  • Dustin Suntheimer
  • Laura Noble
  • Fred Barkley
  • Jane Montero
  • Rod Branham
  • ACCE Enterprises, LLC
  • Elizabeth Jarratt
  • Surelutions
  • Emily Springfield
  • Scott Hammett
  • Sharewords
  • Hank and Shirley Muir
  • Ruth Musbach
  • Jean Vargas
  • Alan Vollmer
  • Mary Schulze
  • Carole Van Reesema
  • Steve and Marian Mueller
  • Elliot Hudgins
  • Boyd and Arlene Wiltze
  • Dorothy Richards
  • Shirley Burg
  • Jennifer Kundak and Jeff Cowall
  • Sheri and Max Plank
  • Brooks Cone
  • Arly and Bob Spink
  • William Ackley
  • John and Nancy Dunn
  • Jan Bernath
  • Jeff Gunnis
  • Thomas Lewis and Mary Bancraft
  • Drew Sprague
  • John and Deanna Robbins
  • Janice Baltzell
  • Nancy Whitelaw
  • Chelsea Kiwanis Club
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