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Publisher’s message: Sept. 30 – Oct. 6

Students participate in the paint run before the homecoming game.

Today, the community will pay tribute to Bob Daniels during a public memorial service at the high school auditorium at 2 p.m. Our hearts will be heavy for a second time as we remember a true gentleman who devoted so much of his energy to the vibrancy of the city we call home.

This week, Chelsea Update published a three-part series on the four candidates who are running for the Board of Education, all of whom were respectful and supportive of each other during the forum. I hope you will get out and vote for two of them on Nov. 6.

Sylvan Township will soon be the new home for the Chelsea Chevrolet Buick dealership where there will be a showroom that’s double the size of the current dealership building on M-52. In addition, a judge this week ordered the Board of Canvassers to perform a public recount of the close vote on the debt millage ballot question that took place Aug. 7

The annual homecoming parade took place on a soggy Oct. 5 prior to the start of the varsity football game against Tecumseh where the Bulldog’s handed the visitors their first loss of the season, 31-28. Plus, there was a colorful new edition to the homecoming festivities — powdered paint during the “paint run” that took place in the high school parking lot.

And while on the subject of sports, I knew it would happen at some point — I received my first complaint about Chelsea Update. An email arrived Saturday night from a reader who said the sports coverage on Chelsea Update stinks, (my word, not the reader’s) and that the undefeated freshman football team had not garnered a single story.

And I have to agree. I know the importance of local sports coverage to the Chelsea community. I live here and I’m a former sports writer; athletics is one of my favorite events to cover.  But please remember, this is a one-person operation. I’m proud of the fact that I have written and photographed hundreds, yes, hundreds, of stories since Chelsea Update’s relaunch on July 23. But, I’m not so proud that I haven’t been able to get to many sporting events.

This is the community’s site and I try my best to honor every request that’s made for a story. I promptly respond to every email that I receive. And yes, some stories take longer to write than others, but they will all be published.

So please understand that I cannot be everywhere and I work extremely hard to be at many places as possible. As the site continues to evolve, there will be more sports stories. So please be patient.

One way to immediately improve Chelsea Update’s sports coverage is to lend a hand. I’m reaching out to parents, readers, coaches and school officials – if you’ll provide me with basic information and/or photos, I’ll gladly write more sports stories. I’m delighted to post any photos, results, or information that you provide.

So now is a perfect time to thank readers (and friends) who have helped Chelsea Update with football stories — especially Todd Ortbring and Amy Whitesall, who have covered JV and varsity football stories, respectively. I cannot thank you both enough. And to the other parents who have sent photos and information from additional fall sports, a tip of my U-M cap to you as well.

As readers, you can also help this community site by sending a subscription/donation to Chelsea Update, 18829 Bush Road, Chelsea, MI 48118 or by sponsoring the site with an ad, which is only $50 for a month.

The aftermath of the paint run.
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