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Publisher’s message: thank you for your support

For those of you who have been asking … Buzz and I have not shown in more than a year at this point, but thanks to Bollinger Sanitation, Jake Grambau and Donnie Bollinger, Buzz has a new 100 by 100 outdoor ring that we’ve been enjoying this fall.
This spring, Buzz and I (and friends and their dogs) will be spending even more time outside in his new ring, which by then should be green with plush grass.

Seven months and counting.

That’s how long I’ve spent in self-quarantine in an effort to stay healthy so that I can continue to provide the Chelsea community with all the news that’s fit to publish seven days a week during these virus-y times.

So far, so good. But I’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices to do this just like everyone else.   

I made a commitment to this community eight-plus years ago to provide all of you with the news – straight up, old fashioned, balanced, unbiased and accurate news. And I’m doing all I can to continue this practice by applying the same policies established at the start of Chelsea Update to all stories, letters and comments on stories that are published.

I miss the good ole days of going to the farmers markets and in-person meetings and seeing and chatting with readers while out and about. And dog shows. I miss competing with Buzz at the dog shows. But that hasn’t stopped us from continuing to train and I hope I’ll feel comfortable competing outside in 2021.

But as a primarily one-person news operation, the ripple effects of putting myself in a situation when I might get sick would hurt Chelsea Update’s operations.

Protecting my health has to be my No. 1 priority and I’m doing all I can to accomplish this. And I hope readers are doing their best, too. Not just for themselves but also for their friends and families as well.

All that said, I’ll continue to publicly thank the following people who have so generously donated to the ongoing publication of Chelsea Update.

Donations of any amount are always appreciated. This year has been a rough one for all of us and donations have not been what they were in the past. I count on not just advertising but on all of you to help me keep publishing daily.

So I hope if you’d planned to support your daily local news site, and you just haven’t gotten around to it, that you’ll take the time now. Donations of any amount can be made via Paypal by using the donate button on the home page of the website or they can be made by check to Chelsea Update, 18829 Bush Road, Chelsea, MI 48118.

A huge thank you to the following people for thinking of Chelsea Update recently.

  • Kathryn Huberty
  • Kenwood Hurst
  • Malinda McCain
  • Wendy Reinhardt
  • Jen Ridley
  • BettyAnn Brock
  • Daphne Hodder
  • Sandra Schmunk
  • Jim and Mary Randolph
  • Joan and Edward Driscoll
  • Florence Beach


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