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Purple Rose Theatre Company contacting patrons who might have been affected by hacked ticket service computers

The Purple Rose Theatre Company’s ticketing service, Vendini, Inc., recently detected an unauthorized intrusion into its systems.

“Due to this intrusion, some of our patrons personal information including names, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers and expiration dates may have been compromised,” according to a press release from Purple Rose.

Vendini does not collect credit card security access codes (e.g. CVV, CVV2, PINs) or social security numbers, patron usernames or passwords, according to the statement from the theater company.

Vendini is not currently contacting anyone in Michigan, or in neighboring states, the information states. Here’s more information about the security breach from Vendidi’s blog.

“We are deeply sorry that Vendini’s ticketing software was compromised in this way, and express our sincerest apologies for the impact on our patrons,” according to an email.

“We are relying on Vendini to resolve this problem with law enforcement and cyber security experts. If you have any questions, we will do our utmost to answer them. You many contact the Purple Rose Staff at 433-7673 or email [email protected].

“Although the Purple Rose’s systems were not intruded this may have affected our patrons and we are deeply sorry for this inconvenience,” the statement says.

The Purple Rose is directly contacting those patrons whose information may have been affected.

Vendini has assured their technological issues have been remediated, and their system is safe for use, according to the release.

“At the direction of Federal Law Enforcement, Vendini just informed the PRTC of the affected patrons on May 28, and due to the recent nature of this development, the Purple Rose will be continuing to evaluate their business partnership with Vendini,” according to the press release.

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