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Reminder: April 12-13 Foam Recycling Behind Stivers Restaurant

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Bill Christen for the information in this story.)

Closed cell foam recycling returns to Chelsea at a new location on Friday and Saturday, April 12-13 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. behind Stivers Restaurant at 11 S. Fletcher Road, near Jackson Road and the I-94 Interchange.

Volunteers will be collecting foam behind the restaurant on the west side of the large parking, filling a semi-trailer from Dart Industries. On Sunday, April 14, we will be in Dexter as usual, and what is collected there will be added to the semi-trailer.

We will have large plastic bags and cardboard containers (courtesy of Heydlauff’s Appliances) for the foam. If your items are not in clear plastic bags, we will return your bags or collect them for recycling at the Chelsea High School.

We collect clean foam cups and take-out food containers, food packaging (any color), egg cartons (any color), white packaging material, and coolers.

We cannot accept packing peanuts—they have been recycled once already.
We cannot accept Blue Dow Styrofoam™ insulation or pink Owens Corning foam insulation—both contain fire retardant.
We cannot accept polyurethane foam—this foam bends and does not break.
We cannot accept sheets of thin, flexible packaging sheeting.

After dropping off your foam, you could enjoy a good lunch at Stivers.
If you would like to help collect foam, or have any questions or concerns, please call Bill Christen at (586) 801-6199.

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