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Reminder: spaghetti fundraiser and Bingo, Bingo, Bingo Feb. 21

(Publisher’s note: In addition to the wonderful softball spaghetti fundraiser at Chelsea High School on Feb. 21, there’s Bingo at St. Mary Church. And I am hoping to make both events as a special way to celebrate my birthday. Hope to see you all there. And, since I’ve never played Bingo, maybe you can give me some pointers?)

bingo FEB 21 2020 Flyer


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1 thought on “Reminder: spaghetti fundraiser and Bingo, Bingo, Bingo Feb. 21”

  1. There will be additional ways to Bingo beyond the usual horizontal rows, vertical columns, and diagonals. They’ll have poster boards showing the additions: 4-corners, X, postage stamp (4 cells in a block without the free square). They’ll go over that before the games start. You have to call Bingo on the last number called so no dozing off…

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