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Safe Routes to Schools projects step forward

Chelsea logoThe Chelsea City Council unanimously approved the next step in planned safety improvements around North Creek Elementary School, South Meadows Elementary School and Beach Middle School.

The city was awarded a grant of about $369,000 to fill in sidewalk gaps, install sidewalk ramps, fix driveways and make landscaping improvements, remove stumps, grade and improve drainage in 10 locations near the schools.

The City Council approved a resolution for a Michigan Department of Transportation contract to begin these much anticipated safety improvements around the schools via the Safe Routes to Schools.

The city’s estimated portion of the safety improvement project is about $56,800 and about 35 percent will be paid by the local street fund and about 65 percent by the major street fund.

The improvements are planned on:

  • both sides of Wilkinson Street from west Old US-12 north to Chandler Street
  • the south side of Chandler Street from Wilkinson Street east to Grant Street
  • north side of Wellington Street from Wilkinson Street east to Dale and Lane streets
  • south side of Old US-12 from Gene Drive east to Wilkinson Street
  • west side of Grant Street from Chandler Street south to Grant Street/Lincoln Street/Lincoln Court intersection
  • intersection of Howard Street and Elm/McKinley streets
  • intersection of Madison and A.D. Mayer Drive
  • intersection of Washington and Madison streets
  • intersection of Freer Road and A.D. Mayer Drive
  • intersection of Taylor and Pierce streets

In addition, the City Council has learned that Magellan Properties, the former owners of Federal Screw Works, and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality met recently and all are working together to finish up the final environmental clean-up needed on the property.

Two areas on the property need to be dug up and for additional remediation then a new storm sewer will be installed and construction can begin on the project.

Photo by Alan Scafuri. Federal Screw Works property.
File Photo by Alan Scafuri. Federal Screw Works property.
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