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Second bowling party at Chelsea Lanes even more popular than the first

Bowling party fun at Chelsea Lanes
Brannon Kennedy

About 75 bowlers of all ages filled the lanes at 1180 South Main St. on Thursday afternoon, Jan. 3, for two hours of bowling, pizza and pop. About 50 bowlers attended the bowling party the week before.

“This is the first thing we’ve been able to do during holiday break,” said Crystal Hayduk, of the afternoon outing with her two daughters. “We would have come last week but everyone’s been sick.”

Her daughter, Megan, 8, said she likes bowling “because I get to throw a ball,” while her mom was happy to get out of the house and doing something fun.

For Brannon Kennedy, 8, bowling is an activity he does about once a month. “I like to knock down pins,” he said.

In fact, he was knocking them down better than the group with whom he was bowling.

However, he said, when he’s not concentrating, he doesn’t bowl as well.

“The Greenleafs have been doing things like this for the community for a long time,” another participant said.

Besides, she said, everyone was able to bowl for two hours and have pizza and pop for just $7 during the special Christmas break event.

For Hugo and Tess Kapelke, students at Northcreek Elementary, it wasn’t just about the bowling.

Hugo, 7, said he liked the lights inside the lanes and the bowling shoes were comfortable, too.

Tess, 6, said, “bowling’s fun, good exercise and the food was good, too.”

For their dad, it was a great way to get out and do something together for a couple of hours during the two-week break from school.

Both children must have been very good during the year because they said Santa brought them a trampoline for Christmas and they’d already put it to use despite the cold weather.

The Greenleafs are hoping to start an after-school bowling program this year as well.

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