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Silver Maples Gallery 100 to feature Ann Arbor Women Artists

Silver Maples Gallery 100 will host an Ann Arbor Women Artists exhibit from Sept. 6-Oct. 29 titled “Focus on Art.”

The show features the work of Laila Kujala, Dian Rentschler, and Sue Craig.

Courtesy photo. Laila Kujala art.

Kujala, who originally hails from Finland, is a painter and digital artist. Her latest works are alphabets based on her photographs. Her first set is her Nature Alphabet consisting of photographs of plants and flowers, according to information about he show.

“On a trip to Silver Lake Sand Dunes on Lake Michigan, I was fascinated by the designs the wind had made in the sand,” Kujala said in a press release. “When I got home, I found a whole alphabet in the images I had shot and my second alphabet was born.”

Kujala says she is inspired by nature and the spiritual nature of life. “My love of nature is my inspiration and I like my art to be positive and uplifting,” she said in a pres release.

Rentschler takes inspiration from the late 1800s and early 1900s and her passion is a combination of realism and impressionism.

Courtesy photo. Dian Rentschler art.

“Life provides great painting material,” Rentschler said in a press release. “Fresh vegetables from the farmers market,  a Teddy bear  bought for a great granddaughter, and the Victorian homes,  parks, streams and ponds around Tecumseh.”

Using historic photos, she’s created paintings of the City Limits Diner in Tecumseh, the Pinckney Inn in Pinckney, and of the Country Skillet in Adrian.

Craig, who was born and raised in Chelsea, says her best ideas come from driving or going for walks or discovering an irresistible or compelling scene, she said in a press release.  She notes that even familiar areas can appear new in a variety of light, weather and seasons.

While teaching art and raising her family, she began drawing and painting homes and area sites, beginning with her grandmother’s and parents’ homes and farms.

Courtesy photo. Sue Craig art.

“Soon I began painting other area homes, appreciating the contrast between the architecture and the foliage as well as the uniqueness of each home,” she said.

Her paintings are in many area homes and businesses, and she has displayed her work at the CCA, the Chelsea Antique Mall, Sweetwater’s Cafe, Moonwinks Cafe and Cafe Luna in New Orleans.  She is also a yearly artist in residence at The Terrace Inn in Bay View, MI, near Petoskey, where she paints many area cottages and bay view scenes.

Gallery 100 is dedicated to featuring local and emerging artists from the southeastern Michigan area. Silver Maples Gallery 100 is open to the public daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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