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Silver Maples of Chelsea launches new brand, logo


Retirement’s been redefined says Steve Rolston, CEO and president of Silver Maples of Chelsea.

“Over the past few years, Silver Maples has been setting a new standard for what it means for people looking to relocate to a retirement community,” Rolston says in a press release.

“In a nutshell, what we do here is different from just about any place I’ve ever worked or visited,” he says. “It’s the people, the events, the look, the feel, the travel, the arts, the music, the food, the location.  It’s just a cool, rockin’ place.”

With that said, Silver Maples decided a new brand and logo was in order.

“We’re a ‘retirement neighborhood’ and that means when you move to Silver Maples, you’re moving to a place filled with friends and neighbors,” he says.

Look for the new look on Ann Arbor Transportation Authority busses, billboards, print ads, and the Silver Maples website,

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