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Statement about service from the Chelsea Area Fire Authority

The Chelsea Area Fire Authority (CAFA) would like to reassure all the visitors, patrons, and residents of our response area that we are taking all protective measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our dispatch center will be asking a few more questions of anyone that calls 911. As a first responder agency, we will be adding a few extra measures for our personnel as well as the patients that may be affected.    

While we may be in the midst of this difficult time, I want to personally convey to all of you that we will stay informed and work through it. We hope you are staying healthy, finding support if needed, and STAYING HOME.

As healthcare providers, it is our responsibility to promote the health of our entire community.  

We play a crucial role in ensuring that critical and potentially life-saving recommendations are strictly followed to prevent a true crisis. I don’t want our community to panic.

I’m encouraging us all to be responsible.CAFA prides ourselves on being available to anyone that’s needs us, no matter the circumstances. We are doing our best to be responsible citizens, care for patients, and ensure that our employees are safe (and refrain from public gathering as much as possible) as well.

We are going to try and limit visitors into our stations so anyone that needs to contact the fire department for non-emergent situations please feel free to call 734-475-8755 or you can email Chief Rob Arbini at [email protected].

Stay Strong and Vigilant. 

Fire Chief Rob Arbini


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