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Sylvan Township Board: mothball existing water system?

Sylvan Township Hall
Sylvan Township Hall

The Sylvan Township Board met on Tuesday, Oct. 6 with about two dozen people in attendance. Township Supervisor Scott Cooper opened the meeting by announcing that Board of Review member Don Shoenberg will be resigning due to health reasons.

Cooper said “Don has served the community well, and I ask you to keep him in your prayers.”

Water and Sewer Authority Manager Mike Jurosek said that Sylvan Township is looking into “mothballing” the existing water system, and providing an alternative water supply.

A report issued by Jurosek states that “Sylvan Township is requesting a proposal for the services of a firm that can provide conceptual plans and costs for shutting down and ‘mothballing’ an existing water treatment and distribution system and providing water to existing customers and contracts through the construction of smaller on-site water system(s). The smaller system would be used until some point in the future when it is anticipated that the existing water treatment plant and distribution system would be brought back into service to meet the demand of the community.”

In 2001-2003, Sylvan Township constructed a water treatment plant, 500,000 gallon water tower, and a distribution system with a capacity of 600,000 gallons/day to supply anticipated initial development of 1,000 Residential Equivalence Units (REU).

“To date, there are two developments in process: a condominium complex, Chelsea Springs, containing 52 units, and a manufactured housing development, Sylvan Crossing, containing 82 units. Another 40 unit condominium project, Chelsea Hillcrest, is currently in the discussion stage,” the report states.

“Income generated is insufficient to support operations and maintenance of the water system, and requires subsidy from the township general fund. Based on the recent rate of construction in this area, it is unlikely that the original planned 1,000 REU needed to support this operation will be achieved in the next 10-25 years.”

Jan Carr announced that the Chelsea District Library is about to receive the short list for a new director from the recruiting firm, and that interviews will begin soon.

Robin Hills will be presenting a revised preliminary site plan at the Oct. 22 Planning Commission meeting. Board Trustee Roy Schmidt stressed the importance of finalizing the Township’s ag tourism ordinance.

In other news, the Township Board unanimously adopted a resolution in support of the Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative, which, according to the resolution, “has proposed, and is pursuing a non-motorized path that will ultimately connect several communities including Sylvan Township in a 44-mile path.”

Nominations for Citizen of the Year are being accepted through Nov. 15, and the nomination form is available on the township website.

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