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Two men rescued from cracked ice on Four Mile Lake Monday evening

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Chelsea Area Fire Authority firefighters were called to Four Mile Lake in Lima Township Monday night where they rescued two ice fisherman who were stranded on the ice about a quarter mile from shore.

One of the men was transported to St. Joesph’s Hospital with mild hypothermia.

Fire Capt. Chris Smyth said the men had cut a hole in the ice and it cracked, adding, “They were soaking wet and standing in ankle deep water. I don’t know how long they were out there.”

Smyth drove the department’s hovercraft onto the ice accompanied by firefighter AJ Ellein, and drove over patches of open water to reach them.

“People need to pay attention to ice conditions and the weather,” Smyth said of the department’s first ice rescue of 2013.

He said although there wasn’t any ice last year due to the mild weather, typically, the department is called out two or three times each winter for ice rescues.


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7 thoughts on “Two men rescued from cracked ice on Four Mile Lake Monday evening”

  1. You choose to drive. You choose to have faulty wiring. You choose to have a pool.
    Normally the ice is safe to fish. They had an accident. Do you think they wanted to be rescued.

  2. They chose to go on a lake, with dangerous ice conditions, and my taxes should pay for their very poor judgement?

    “and drove over patches of open water to reach them.”

    read the article again. I rest my case and hope you stay off the lakes, at least until you are in a boat.

  3. @Kim I guess you are just perfect . the last I checked it wasn’t just your taxes that get used. and accidents happen . I’m sure they didn’t want to have to experience that !!

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