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Two new awards offered at South Meadows Elementary

By Lisa Carolin

There are two new golden awards making their way around South Meadows Elementary School, but they’re not just for any classroom.

The Golden Shoe, for one, is awarded weekly for what South Meadows Principal Stacie Battaglia calls, “exemplary hallway expectations such as walking quietly during instructional times and staying in line with your class.”

Any adult can recognize a class’ effort and then put a ticket into the collection box outside Battaglia’s office.

The other award is the Golden Tray, and it’s given for proper cafeteria dismissal behavior.

“It is a tricky task getting 180 plus students lined up and ready to walk back to class at the end of a lunch hour,” said Battaglia. “So, I am awarding a ticket to a class each day that can meet the expectations quickly and efficiently.”

Safety patrol members can nominate a class for a ticket based on the sort of behavior they see from students leaving the cafeteria, walking in the hallways, and getting back to class.

“Each week we pull a Shoe ticket and a Tray ticket, and the class pulled earns the right to display the golden award in their classroom for the week,” said Battaglia.

The classes that have been recognized so far at South Meadows are the third grade classes belonging to Mrs. Spisich and Mrs. Trevisan, the fourth-grade classes belonging to Mrs. Lucas and Mr. Schmidt, and the fifth-grade classes belonging to Mrs. Bates and Ms. Dres.

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