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USArtQuest Inc. donates supplies to St. Louis Center

Photo by Kelly Flaherty. Local art donors arrive at the back door of St. Louis Center with plenty of help to unload. (L to R) – Deana Fisher (COO), Christina Ferris (Development), Joyce Liebeck (Food Services), Brian Leland (Maintenance), Karl Pollington (Maintenance), Susan Rothamel (USArtQuest), Joe Yekulis (PR), and Lorna Tackwell (JDW & Rotary Club).

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Joe Yekulis for the information in this story and Kelly Flaherty for the photos.)

In the middle of a pandemic when everyone is locked down to remain safely distanced from a menacing virus, what do you do to keep a large group of people with special needs busy when they can’t go anywhere beyond their safe campus environment?

That was the question posed to Deana Fisher, COO of St. Louis Center during her ZOOM presentation to the Chelsea Rotary Club in early August. The answer came from Rotarian Lorna Tackwell of JDW & Associates, a local Chelsea business insurance broker, who is a good friend of Susan P. Rothamel, owner of USArtQuest, Inc. Rothamel’s business happens to be two miles down the road from St. Louis Center at 18650 Old US-12 in Sylvan Township.

On Monday, Aug. 24, Rothamel, Tackwell and Bridget Favre of D&B Strategic Marketing in Chelsea delivered a van load of art supplies worth $25,000 to help keep St. Louis Center’s residents busy for months.

Rothamel as it turns out, deals in imported hand-made art paper, and is also involved in project development and is a known inventor. When she learned that the residents of St. Louis Center were looking for projects to help keep them busy, she jumped at the chance to help.

She explained that, “I participate in the Alternative Arts and Business Learning Environment Program, and love to help mentor young people in the community using my art and teaching skills.”

Tackwell also donated $500 worth of art supplies for the residents, and loves to roll up her sleeves to help other people in the Chelsea Community. “When I learned of the needs out at St. Louis Center, I knew that Sue and I could do something special to help out, so I was happy to help facilitate this project for the residents.”

St. Louis Center is a residential care facility for 70 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Chelsea, MI and is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year.

Please visit for more information or to make a donation.

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  1. What a thoughtful and generous gift to the residents. Will certainly keep them occupied during this difficult time and the environment more beautiful with their art work

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