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Veterans honored at Chelsea Retirement Community

Honored veterans at a service program at Chelsea Retirement Community Friday.

More than 60 veterans were honored on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 8-9 at Chelsea Retirement Community with special programs and luncheons at the retirement facility.

On Thursday, more than 20 veterans were honored at Towsley Village, while on Friday, more than 40 residents in Dancey House were recognized for service to their country.

Jason Hein reads the roll.

This program, in its second year, and was organized by Kori Rochefort and its one of a number of special events at CRC to honor the veterans who reside there.

Todd Hanselman, executive director, said it was a way to celebrate residents’ life accomplishments.

“It’s almost overwhelming, the different number of veterans from all wars – primarily WWII and the Korean War – who live here,” he said, including several couples as well as residents who served in other countries.

Plus, he said on staff are four veterans: Jason Hein, who served in the Army and called roll, Sean Hawley, who served in the Navy, Meaghan Briggs and John Thorhauer, who served in the Army Reserve..

Honored Friday were:

Phil Alexander, Army Chemical Corp

Ann Cameron – Naval Air

Uniform on display

Miller Cameron – Naval Air

William Harvey Dusbiber – Navy

Rose Farrell – Army

Capt. Winslow G. Fox, M.D. – Army Medical Department

Mark Gilson – Marine Corp, Dental Officer

Herbert Harper – Air Force

Jim Hilliard – Navy Reserve

Jerry Huller – Army

Robert L. Hutchinson – Air Force

Victor Lindberg – Army 8th Air Force

John Horton Matthews – Army

Dolores (Dolly) Millard – Cadet Nurse Corp

Elizabeth Miller – Navy US Nurse Reserve

Norman Olmsted – Army Air Corp

Elmer Sanders – Army (Infantry)

James Simmons – Navy

Don Vogelsberg – Air Force

Christopher Bovee – Army

Max Collins – Navy (retired after 26 years)

Richard Hall – Home Guard

Veterans sing.

Steve Kiss – Army

Robert Lavery – Army

Daryl Miller – Army

Richard White – Marines

Bob Boley – Army

James Collins – Air Force

Jack Doyle – Canadian Seabees

Francis Donovan – Army

Sandy Elden – Air Force

Odie Elden – USO

Lavern Eversole – Army

Gerald Konkle – Navy

Bill Rogers – National Guard

Glenda Stinnett – Navy

Fred Stinnett – Army

Ted Tapping – Navy

Bob Willis – Army

As each name was read, those in attendance, raised their hand.

Following the roll call, the group sang more than a dozen songs that included “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, “When Johnny Comes Marching Home,” as well as tributes to all branches of the Armed Forces, “America the Beautiful,” “You’re a Grand Old Flag” and of course, “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Don Vogelsberg then offered a prayer before the group headed to patriotically decorated tables for the special luncheon.

Honored veterans at a special program Friday.
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