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Vogel’s and Foster’s Holding Going Out of Business Sale

File Photo by Lisa Carolin. The outside of Vogel’s and Foster’s.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Rita Waldoff for the information in this story.)

Vogel’s and Foster’s has been a part of the Chelsea Main Street retail community for the past 111 years.

This week marks the final season of business for the men’s and women’s clothing store.  To celebrate his retirement, Mike Jackson will provide customers with one last opportunity to shop at the Going Out of Business Sale.

Jackson reopened Vogel’s and Foster’s clothing store in 1994 continuing a tradition of quality merchandise established by Jack and Friedelle Winans.

In the 27 years since, Mike has held leadership roles in the Chelsea Downtown Development Authority, the Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Chelsea Merchants Association. 

Jackson looked for opportunities to give back to his community. He donated to a wide variety of local causes.  He initiated a fund-raising project with fellow merchants to benefit the Chelsea School District and also provided service for the residents of the St. Louis Center. 

It is with a grateful heart that Jackson reflects on his career as owner of Vogel’s and Foster’s.  He has enjoyed his association with both customers and staff for over a quarter century.

He invites the community to celebrate his retirement from business by stocking up on a great new selection of quality merchandise. The sale begins Oct. 12.

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