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Vogel’s and Foster’s introduces Pandora jewelry line

Courtesy photo. Mike Jackson behind the new Pandora charm and bracelet display.

Mike Jackson of Vogel’s and Foster’s has had a busy beginning to his week.

Mike Jackson of Vogel's and Foster's and Jenna Martindale, a Brighton sales rep.

Tuesday night, the Chelsea Planning Commission approved his request to renovate the second floor of his building for an apartment space, and on Wednesday, sales reps from two accessory and jewelry companies — Brighton and Pandora — were in his store adding new accessories and a new line to his retail collection.

Jenna Martindale, a Brighton sales rep, was in the front of the store discussing a trunk show that will take place during Home Town Holidays at the end of November, while providing product training and seasonal planning for the store.

Vogel’s and Foster’s carries handbags, leather accessories, luggage, belts, jewelry, charms, shows and home and gift items from the Brighton line.

In the back of the store were Alisa Bauer, who will serve as the Pandora ambassador for the store’s newest popular Danish-made jewelry line, and three company representatives busily unpacking and displaying the store’s newest product line.

Pandora charms and bracelets allow owners to create their own jewelry. “No two bracelets are the same,” Bauer said of the global jewelry line.

There are more than 800 charms in the jewelry line, which range in price from $25 to $500 in gold, silver or combinations of both, said Mona Saba-Bongiorni, account manager for Pandora.

Brighton Masterpiece Collection handbags

Vogel’s and Foster’s carries the fall line and the winter releases will be in the store as well. There are footballs and helmets, soccer balls and a turtle to name a few charms.

“It’s hand-finished jewelry, high quality, with precious and semi-precious gem stones,” Saba-Bongiorni said, adding that the bracelets and charms were introduced to the United States in 2003.

Jackson said adding the Pandora line was “a couple years in the making. It took shape following focus groups and is part of a new element for the store.”

Shoppers can take home a booklet and pick and choose the charms they’d like to add to their bracelets and the store will have a registry where husbands or friends can check on which charms are on someone’s wish list.

“You can dress up or dress down with Pandora,” Bauer said.

Vogel’s and Foster’s is located at 109 S. Main St.



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