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Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office offers safety tips

The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office mission is to create public safety, provide quality service and build strong sustainable communities.

In keeping communities safe, the Sheriff’s Office advises residents and citizens follow some simple safety tips:

1) Lock your Vehicle:  The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office responds daily to theft reports from unlocked vehicles.
Locking your vehicle deters offenders from entering and stealing your money, vehicle accessories and personal items and assuming your identity from confidential information left inside your vehicle.

2) Scams: The Sheriff’s Office receives reports of numerous email and phone Scams occurring within our communities.

The “scammers” request money, gift cards or other financial compensation saying they are employees from the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office sometimes using current employee’s names, photographs and similar email addresses in their communications.

The “scammers” threaten people saying they will be arrested or have to pay additional fines if they do not comply.

Please do not fall victims to these scams. The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office will not request citizens give individual deputies and/or employees money or financial compensation via telephone or email.

Please do not provide confidential personal and financial information to anyone until you have confirmed who is requesting the information.

3) Safe transaction space: The Sheriff’s Office responds to numerous calls of assaults and robberies while citizen’s are exchanging goods and money during transactions made on-line.

The Sheriff’s Office extends its parking lot at 2201 Hogback Road as a “Safe Transaction Space” and urges citizens to avoid meeting strangers alone in dark, secluded locations to complete on-line transactions.

Utilize lighted and populated areas and take a friend or relative when completing transactions on Craig’s List, Ebay, Let Go and Facebook Market Place as well as any other on-line websites.

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