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WCA Assessing given 3-year contract renewal as city’s assessor

Wayne County Appraisal was awarded a 3-year contract renewal by the Chelsea City Council on July 24 to perform the city’s assessing duties.

Included in the contract is an about $800 per year increase which “is intended to capture cost-of-living changes,” according to a memo from Kim Garland, administrative director for the city.

Employees of the company are expected to be in the city offices for two half-days a week or a total of 8 hours per week. The company will receive $41,825 annually and will be paid monthly.

Aaron Powers of the cuty’s accessing firm answers questions about the company’s services.

The 3-year contract, which was unanimously approved, includes an increase of 1 percent plus a cost-of-living increase in the second year and the same in the third year.

Even with the increase, Garland said the contract is still less expensive than the city’s previous assessor.

Garland said during the last three years “the city has been pleased with the services provided by WCA” of Westland.

The company, which is also known as WCA Assessing, keeps two copies of all property records – a hard copy and in an electronic format, said Aaron Powers, a representative of the company, who answered several questions about the recording keeping by Council Members Cheri Albertson and Rod Anderson.

“We’ve had nothing by positive feedback about them and WCA has worked hard to improve our on-site records,” Garland said, referring to the electronic versions of city properties.

The contract runs from Oct. 1, 2012-Sept. 30, 2015.

Approval of the contract was moved by Council Member Ann Feeney and was seconded by the city’s newest Council Member Marcia Parker, who took office earlier this month.

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