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WWRA: Do you use the local recycling bins?

Courtesy photo by Laura Scrivin
Courtesy photo by Laura Scrivin

I’d be willing to bet that many of you use the recycling bins in Chelsea, Sylvan and Dexter Township — to name a few of the local drop-off sites.

These sites, which are part of the Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority operations, are placed conveniently for residents who live in the member municipalities — Chelsea, Dexter, Lima, and Lyndon — and who pay $26 per year for those operations.

But, if you live in Sylvan, Freedom or Sharon townships or in Grass Lake and use them, perhaps you’ll consider paying for this convenience, too.

Since I live in Sylvan Township and my township is no longer a member of  WWRA, I send a check for $26, and happily use the bins without feeling guilty about how much recycling I take to them each month. (It’s a lot.)

Yes, I know that WWRA sells the recycled items, but I also know that its trying to payoff a $2.7 million bond for the new single-stream operation as quickly as possible, and I’m one of those people who likes to pay my fair share for a service.

This convenience also saves me money because I pay by the bag to have my garbage collected and eliminating all the recyclable materials means a huge savings to me every year.

A lot more than the $26 I volunteer to pay.

So, if you’d like to pay for your use of the bins, please send a check made out to WWRA to 8027 Werkner Road, Chelsea, MI 48118 and put recycling in the memo.

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4 thoughts on “WWRA: Do you use the local recycling bins?”

    • Hi Barbara:
      I will ask about that. I’m working on lists of common stuff we all have in our homes that can and can’t be recycled. I always have questions about different items. Stay tuned.

  1. It would be helpful to list locations of recycling bins. The set near Chelsea Lanes seems to have been moved.

    • Hi Deborah:
      I’ll add that to the list of things to get out there. The bins that were at Chelsea Lanes are now located across from the fairgrounds on Old Manchester Road.

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